Browsing Map Previews

We’re working on a new map interface for Cartographer. It improves over the original interface in a number of ways: smoother panning and zooming, simplified date selection, better handling of time series, and better handling of lines and polygons (also there’s a 3D modeā€¦ right-click and drag to see it)!

The original map interface
The new map interface
showing 3D view and linear data

We’re excited to share the new UI with everyone but it doesn’t yet support all of the features from the original. Nevertheless, we’ve started publishing previews of certain maps to show our work and get feedback. You’ll find them through a new pane entitled “Preview Available” on the top left of relevant map pages (if the pane doesn’t appear, it’s because we haven’t published a preview of your map yet — let us know and we’ll work on it):

Click the “preview this map” link to reload the map you’re viewing in the new engine:

We’re still working on the new interface. Some features like date selection should be immediately obvious, while others may require a bit of investigation. We’ll publish a guide shortly. In the meantime, please take a look and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!