Browsing Survey Data

Every survey recorded on Cartographer is logged on the survey list page linked to in the in the left-hand sidebar:

List items

Each item in the list shows key information about a particular survey:

  • The top-left of the item shows the location the survey was recorded. The format of this text varies between survey types.
  • The bottom-left shows the name of the surveyor.
  • The top-right shows the status of the survey and whether you can edit it.
  • The bottom-right shows the date and time the data was recorded in the field.

The search field

You can use the search field at the top of the page to filter the list:

By default Cartographer searches the location, status, name and email of the surveyor. In some cases the search may also cover additional fields on the survey form.

The Sort and Filter pane

The Sort and filter button at the top of the page provides additional options for searching the list:

Clicking the button toggles a panel of controls to sort the list and search by date and location

Downloading surveys

You can use the Download button to export the survey list for analysis in spreadsheet or database software. See our instructions on downloading survey data for information. Note that the filters and order you choose using the search bar and the Sort and filter pane are preserved in your download.