Downloading Survey Data

If your workspace operator has granted you permission, you can download the data associated with a survey from its Survey List page. First navigate to the survey list using the link in the left-hand sidebar:

Click the Download button at the top of the survey list page

Choose your desired format from the dropdown menu:

Depending on how your web browser has been configured, it will either ask you what to do with the file or save it to the Downloads folder on your hard drive.

Sorting and filtering downloads

Survey downloads respect the same filters and sort orders you have in place on the web site at the moment you click Download. You can use the options in the Sort and filter pane to customise the search results in your download:

See our instructions on browsing survey data for more information

Personal data in survey downloads

To protect volunteers’ privacy we don’t include personal data in survey downloads. We use two fields to help administrators corellate surveys with separately downloaded account data:

  • Screen name — this is a name chosen by the surveyor as their preferred way of being credited for their contributions. Screen names default to surveyors’ real names but can be customised on their account page.
  • User ID — this long sequence of hexademical digits is a unique code referring to the user’s Cartographer user account.

For more information on how we support users’ privacy, see our page on privacy and GDPR.