Support for Internet Explorer

Cartographer is dropping support for Internet Explorer in February 2020. This article explains why, what this means, and what you should do to keep on top of the change.

Why Drop Support for IE?

At Cartographer Studios we have a very small development team that officially supports Cartographer on seven web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11. That’s a lot of browsers and a lot of work!

IE11 is the oldest browser on this list (released in 2013), and it is easily the one with the most quirks, deficiencies, and incompatibilities with other browsers. These differences make IE difficult to work with. Our stance is that Cartographer should work on IE11 but it needn’t be pretty. We have numerous workarounds in place for IE11-specific bugs, and in some cases we’ve changed the UI completely in that one browser to keep things ticking along.

We want to make Cartographer a cutting edge web site that embraces modern web technologies. Achieving this goal while maintaining support for Internet Explorer would be very difficult. Given the wide availability of alternative browsers, we have opted to drop support for IE.

What Does This Mean?

Don’t panic! We’re not going to cut anyone off immediately. We won’t explicitly prevent Cartographer working in Internet Explorer, but from February 2020 we will no longer consider the browser when developing new features or fixing bugs. As we continue to build The product we expect incompatibilities will creep in that make it progressively harder to use in IE.

What Do You Need To Do?

We strongly encourage you to switch to another of our supported browsers. This won’t just improve your experience with Cartographer — it’ll make your web browsing faster, better looking, and more secure!

Here are a few options to consider:

Mozilla Firefox (Windows, macOS)

Firefox is an excellent web browser that’s fast, secure, and standards compliant. Mozilla are a non-profit company that, in our opinion, is generally ethical and concerned about user privacy.

You can download a copy of Firefox from Mozilla.

Google Chrome (Windows, macOS)

Chrome is a fast, secure, free web browser.

Chrome is probably the most common third party browser on Windows. It’s fast and reliable and has predictably great integration with Google’s web services like Drive, Docs, and Mail.

You can download a copy of Chrome from Google.

Apple Safari (macOS, Windows)

If you’re a Mac user you’re probably using Safari already. It syncs with Apple’s ecosystem, so you may also want to consider it if you’re on Windows but you make heavy use of a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

You can download a copy of Safari from Apple.

Microsoft Edge (Windows)

Microsoft’s newer web browser is a complete rewrite of Internet Explorer that brings with it all the features, speed, and security of a modern browser. Edge is available for Windows versions 7, 8, and 10.

You can download a copy of Edge from Microsoft.