Logging In

To log in to Cartographer you’ll need a user account. These are normally given by invitation from the company or charity you’re helping. Check the “Getting an account” page for more information.

Once you have your account, head to the Cartographer web site and click the Log in link at the top right of the page:

This will take you to our Log in page:

Enter your email address and click Log in. You’ll be prompted to enter your password:

Enter your password and click “Log in” again to continue.

Forgot your password?

Don’t panic! If you forget your password, you can choose a new one using the Forgot password link. Check our instructions on resetting your password for more information.

Accepting the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

If this is your first time logging in you will be asked to read and accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy. These tell you important things like how we manage your personal information and make use of the monitoring data you upload. Take the time to read them properly and make sure you agree with them before you click “Accept”.

If we make changes to either document we’ll ask you to re-read them and re-accept them the next time you log in.

Yay, you’re in! 🎉

Once you have accepted the T&Cs and privacy policy you’ll be logged in! The first page you see will be the home page of your Cartographer workspace. This is where you can create surveys and browse maps:

Check our instructions on navigating the web site to find out how the workspace is laid out and get started contributing and browsing monitoring data.