Modular River Survey Guide

Cartographer is the platform used to record data for the Modular River Survey, a comprehensive system for understanding the stability and function of rivers at multiple spatial scales, from local habitat to whole-catchment analysis.

The Modular River Survey website contains lots of useful information for surveyors, divided into two areas by use case:

  • Help and Guidance for Citizen Scientists — An index of useful resources for citizen scientists using MoRPh, including downloadable PDF survey forms, crib sheets, and the detailed MoRPh field manual;
  • Help and Guidance for Professionals — An index of useful resources for river professionals using the River Condition Assessment for Biodiversity Metric 2.0, including downloadable PDF survey forms, an overview of the River Condition Assessment process, and the detailed MoRPh field manual.

Citizen scientists may find the following pages particularly useful:

  • Frequently Asked Questions — A set of questions the Modular River Survey team is most commonly asked about MoRPh.
  • How to Enter a MoRPh Survey Online — A step-by-step guide to entering a MoRPh survey on Cartographer, originally hosted on this web site. The guide is primarily aimed at citizen scientists but potentially also useful to professional surveyors.
  • How to fix missing MoRPh10s — A step-by-step guide to working out why a MoRPh10 marker may not be appearing on the map.