Cartographer v6.1: Collaborative Surveys

We’re proud to announce Cartographer v6.1 featuring collaborative surveys and free workspaces for organizations collecting Modular River Survey and Urban Riverfly data.

Collaborative Surveys

Collaborative surveys allow surveyors from different workspaces to collaborate in the collection of shared datasets. Each workspace can focus on collecting data in its own geographical region, safe in the knowledge that they are contributing to a single national database.

Collaborative surveys and maps are marked with a globe icon in the left-hand sidebar:

You can view collaborative surveys from other workspaces using the Filter by workspace control in the Sort and filter panel on the relevant survey list:

There is a corresponding control on the Map options panel of collaborative maps:

MoRPh and Urban Riverfly Workspaces

We’re piloting these sharing features with two major citizen science surveys: MoRPh and Urban Riverfly. Subject to training, we’re offering free workspaces to organisations collecting these types of monitoring data. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved!