Roles and Permissions

Cartographer has a simple permission system. Every user account has a set of roles that dictate what they can do in your workspace. If you are a user administrator you can grant and revoke roles on the Users page.

Start by clicking on Users in the left-hand sidebar:

This will take you to the Users page, which lists the users in your workspace:

Click on a user to see their roles:

You can grant and revoke roles by selecting and deselecting them on this page. Note the following:

  • Roles are revoked immediately when you click save, but the user will need to log out and in again if you grant them new ones.
  • Cartographer doesn’t tell the user when you change their roles. We leave it up to you to let them know what’s going on.

What roles are there?

Roles are split into three categories: workspace-wide roles, survey-specific roles, and map-specific roles.

Workspace-wide roles

The following roles grant abilities within your workspace. They are not tied to specific surveys or map layers:

Active user
This role allows the user to log in to your workspace. If you remove it from a user’s account, they will effectively be unable to do anything. Note that this role only applies to your workspace — the user will still be able to log in elsewhere if they are a member of multiple workspaces.

User administrator
This role lets the user access the Users page, view other users’ details, and edit other users’ roles. This is an extremely powerful role — be very careful who you you grant it to!

Survey-specific roles

Every type of survey in your workspace has a set of associated roles. You can give a user access to the survey by granting one or more of these roles.

Some of the roles below require others. The buttons in the user interface will automatically update as you click to make sure everything stays consistent.

View surveys
This role gives the user access to the survey in the left-hand sidebar. They can see the survey list and browse the contributed surveys, but they can’t create their own surveys or download survey data.

This role adds to survey viewer the ability to create new surveys and edit them subject to a couple of restrictions:

  • Surveyors can only save surveys with draft and complete status, and cannot unapprove approved or rejected surveys. See the help page on survey approval for more information.
  • Surveyors can only create surveys in their own name.
  • Surveyors can only modify surveys that they created.

This role adds to survey viewer the ability to download a spreadsheet of survey data. The Download button appears at the top of the relevant survey page.

Survey admin
This role adds to surveyor and survey downloader the ability to approve and reject surveys, edit other peoples’ surveys, and change the ownership of a survey form to a different surveyor.

Map-specific roles

Most map layers on Cartographer are open access and don’t have associated roles. Every user in the workspace is automatically granted access to them, anyone can export the data to a GIS application, and the map can be freely embedded on a web page outside of Cartographer. You won’t see roles related to these map layers in the Users section of your workspace.

In some cases, map layers that contain sensitive data may be marked as restricted access. Users have to be explicitly granted access to restricted maps, and the maps cannot be embedded outside of Cartographer.

If applicable, you will see the following additional roles for each restricted map in your workspace:

View layer
The user can view the map.

Download layer
The user can export the data to an external GIS application.