Uploading Photographs and Other Files

Many survey forms allow you to attach photographs (and, in some cases, other types of file). Whenever you can do this, you will see a Browse… button like the one below:

Click the Browse… button, select the file(s) you want to upload, and click “OK”. You’ll see a thumbnail of the image you’re uploading together with a progress bar. When the progress bar turns green, the file is saved and you’re all set!

Browsing uploaded photographs

Click on a thumbnail to display a dialog containing n larger version of the image:

The dialog contains buttons to let you Download the original full-size image or Delete the image and remove it from the survey (assuming you are the surveyor or an administrator).

Uploading multiple files

Some survey forms allow you to upload multiple files along-side one another. For example, you may be able to upload several images of the same survey site. The user interface tells you how many files you have uploaded and how many you are allowed to upload:

Uploading different types of file

While most survey forms require you to upload photographs, some require other files like PDFs or CSV files. You can upload any type of file to Cartographer, although it will only show thumbnails for common image files. Other files have a generic thumbnail image as shown below:

Clicking on the thumbnail of a non-image file displays the dialog box as usual. Although no preview is available, you can click Download to download and view the original file on your computer:

Terms and conditions for uploading files

Note that by uploading files to Cartographer you are agreeing to a set of terms and conditions regarding their use. Click the Upload terms and conditions link for more information: