Completing Survey Forms

Here are some tips and tricks for filling out survey forms on Cartographer. See also the pages on creating new surveys and saving your changes when you are done.

For the rest of this page we’ll be using a simple water quality form as an example. However, these notes apply to all survey forms on Cartographer:

Guidance Notes

Every survey contains built-in guidance notes to help you complete each field. If you already know what you are doing, you may not need them, You can toggle the notes on and off by pressing the Show/Hide Guidance button in the top right of the survey form.

Amber Warnings and Red Errors

Cartographer checks your data for errors immediately as you enter it. It gives you two types of feedback if it thinks it has found a mistake:

Red errors — These appear when Cartographer definitely can’t handle the data you entered. For example, perhaps you put text in a number field, or perhaps you entered a value that’s outside a permissable range:

Cartographer won’t let you save a survey form until you’ve fixed all of the red errors. Watch out for them as you work and try to fix them as you go.

Amber warnings — These appear when Cartographer thinks you’ve missed a field or made a mistake, but it can’t be sure. You typically see these when you haven’t filled out a field yet:

You may disagree with an amber warning. Perhaps you didn’t fill in a field because that data wan’t available, or maybe your observations fell outside the normally observed range. Cartographer doesn’t prevent you saving a survey that contains warnings, so you can simply ignore them and continue as usual.

Selecting locations on survey forms

Many survey forms allow you to select your survey location on a small map. You can specify the location in three ways.

First, you can simply click on the map. It will zoom in automatically to allow you to fine tune your selection:

Alternatively you can enter your location manually as a 10-digit National Grid Reference or a GPS position. Simply type the location into the text field below the map and watch the marker update as you type:

Use the drop-down menu in the bottom right to switch between “NGR” (National Grid Reference) and GPS entry.

Uploading photographs and files

Some survey forms have places where you can attach photographs or other documentary evidence. See our instructions for uploading files for help with these controls.