Cartographer Help

Welcome to the Cartographer help web site, providing a combination of user manual and frequently asked questions for the Cartographer environmental monitoring app. If you post any mistakes or you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please let us know!

Getting Started

If you need help getting started, logging in, or setting up your user account, this is the place for you:

Collecting Monitoring Data

Cartographer users collect monitoring data by filling out surveys and uploading photographs. Every survey form is different but here are some general tips on how everything works:

Browsing/Viewing Data

Once you’ve uploaded your surveys, what can you do with them? Here are some of the ways you can browse the data collected on Cartographer:

Citizen Science Guides

Links to in-depth information on certain of the types of data people are collecting on Cartographer:

Help for Workspace Admins

Here are some tips if you’re an administrator responsible for managing a workspace and/or other peoples’ user accounts:

The Cartographer Mobile App

Our new mobile app is currently in closed beta. Apply for early access now and start recording monitoring data on your phone or tablet:

Questions or Suggestions?

Other Useful Resources