Creating a New Survey

Starting from any page in Cartographer, click in the left hand menu on the type of survey you want to add. For example, if you want to add a water quality survey, click Water Quality:

You will be taken to a Survey List showing recently contributed surveys of that type. Click the Add a Survey button to continue:

Fill out the survey form recording the date and time of the survey and the observations you made. See the page on Using Survey Forms for help with the various controls:

See our tips for completing survey forms and our instructions for uploading photographs for help filling out the form. When you’re finished click Save changes button at the bottom of the page. You will see a drop-down menu containing two options:

  • Save as draft — Use this option if you haven’t finished entering your data but you need to step away from your computer. The survey will show up as a draft on the Survey List page, allowing you to come back and finish it later.
  • Save as complete — Use this option if you have finished entering your data and you’d like to submit the survey for approval. Cartographer will send an email to the project officer for your monitoring project allowing them to review and approve your changes.

See our overview of survey approval for more information on these status options and other statuses you might see on surveys in Cartographer.

Copying a Survey

Some survey forms can be copied, leaving some fields populated and blanking out others that are likely to change. To copy a survey, first select it in the survey list:

Then click the Copy survey button at the top of the page:

If you are asked whether you’d like to leave the current page, click “Yes”. You will be taken to a new survey form that contains the same data as the old form with fields that are likely to change blanked out. Fill out this new form and save your changes to finish. The new survey will be added to the survey list and the original survey will be unaffected.

Note that the copy function was added after the launch of Cartographer, so it doesn’t exist on all survey forms.