What To Do if You See a Bug?

Send us an email

If you find a bug on Cartographer, report it to our support team by sending an email to hello@cartographer.io or by using the contact form on this web site.

Our first step is often to try and recreate the problem you’re having. We may ask you for the following information to help us do that. Putting this information in your initial email to us will help us fix things faster…

Include your Cartographer email address

We often need to look up things on your account, so let us know the email you’re using to log in.

DON’T TELL US YOUR PASSWORD! Our staff will never ask your for it. We’ll never need to know it to solve a problem.

Which workspace/survey/map are you working with?

Some bugs are specific to certain workspaces, surveys, or maps. If applicable, let us know the name of your workspace (circled in red below) and the name of the survey or map you’re working with (circled in orange):

What web browser are you using?

Some problems are specific to certain makes and versions of web browser. Take a look at the following web site using the browser that’s giving you problems, and copy and paste the large text from the top of the page into your email:


What steps did you take to get to the problem?

Our first step is often to recreate the problem you’re seeing, so let us know how to get from some place where everything’s obviously working, to the place where things went wrong. For example:

I clicked on the Water Quality Survey in the left-hand sidebar, clicked on “Add a survey”, and entered a temperature of -1, and the following error message appeared:


What went wrong?

If something isn’t appearing on screen, let us know what it is. If you saw an error message, copy and paste it into the email. The more information we have, the better.

Include a screenshot!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and screenshots can often help. Here are instructions on taking a screenshot that you can email to us:


When taking your screenshot, please note the following:

  • Include the title bar and frame of your browser window.
  • Make sure your browser window is large and shows the problem clearly.
  • If you’re showing an error message and part of the message is obscured, please copy and paste the full text into your email in addition to the screenshot.
  • Be careful not to show any confidential information in your screenshot!