Saving Surveys

When you’ve finished entering a survey, click the Save Changes button to finish editing and return to the survey list. When you click the button you will see a drop-down menu containing two options:

Choose Save as Draft if you aren’t quite done yet but you need to step away from your computer. Your survey will be visible in the Survey List on your return, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

Choose Save as Complete if you’re finished with the survey and you want to submit it for approval.

Survey approval

When you save a survey using the Complete status, Cartographer sends an email to a project officer at your company or charity asking them to approve it. Once they have done so, you will receive a confirmation email.

Your project officer may spot anomalies on your survey form that mean they can’t approve it immediately. In this case they may contact you personally to request further information or changes. The officer may mark your survey marked as In review in the survey list to help them remember that it requires attention.

Appearance on maps

In most cases surveys appear on maps within your workspace as soon as you save them, regardless of whether they are draft, complete, or approved.

If your company or charity has a map on their public web site outside of Cartographer, surveys will only be displayed there once they are approved.

Approving surveys (Survey Admins only)

If you are a survey admin, you will see a few more options in the Save Changes drop-down menu:

Click Save as Approved to lock the survey and prevent further changes. Cartographer will send an email to the surveyor letting them know. If the survey belongs to an open dataset, Cartographer will also publish it as a new feature on any publicly visible maps (including maps embedded on your web site).

Click Save for Review if you need to follow up with the surveyor about some aspects before approving the survey. Cartographer won’t send any emails, but the survey will appear marked in red on the Survey List page.

See our page on how approval works for more information.