Changing your Personal Details

You can view the personal details associated with your Cartographer user account by clicking on My account near the bottom of the left-hand sidebar:

This will take you to your account page, which will look something like this:

Changing your Personal Details

The main form on the account page lets you change the personal details associated with your account:

  • Your first and last name
  • The email address you use to access Cartographer (please make sure this is a valid email address — we use it to send you notifications and transactional emails like password resets).
  • The screen name used to identify you on the web site.

Changing your Password

You can also change your password by clicking the Change my password button. You will be sent an email to your Cartographer email address entitled Reset your Cartographer password. Follow our instructions on resetting your password to continue.

What is a Screen Name?

Your screen name is the name we use to credit you when we acknowledge the surveyors who help collect monitoring data on Cartographer. Your screen name is visible in Cartographer on every survey you contribute and file you upload.

Your screen name is the same as your real name by default, but you can change it at any time if you would rather use a pseudonym. Your screen name must be unique across Cartographer, and it must follow the basic conduct guidelines in our terms and conditions (e.g. it must not be offensive).

Note that your real name and email address will always be accessible to our staff and administrators in your Cartographer workspaces. You can read more about the personal data we collect and the ways we use it in our privacy policy.