Mobile App Troubleshooting

Here are some common issues with the Cartographer mobile app:

I’m seeing “No workspaces to display” on the “Select Workspace” screen

The mobile app home screen allows you to choose from a list of workspaces (correlating to organisations and monitoring initiatives). Sometimes this list may appear empty, preventing you using the app:

If this happens, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Sign up to our early access program

The Cartographer mobile app is in early access and we’re granting access on an invitation basis. If you haven’t signed up for access, your workspace list could appear empty.

Make sure you fill out our signup form if you haven’t done so already. One of our team will reply by email and set you up.

Refresh the screen

The app could have “forgotten” which workspaces you’re part of. Try doing a “pull to refresh” gesture to refresh the screen. Place your finger on the middle of the screen and pull down. The app will contact our servers and download a new list of workspaces. We recommend doing this only when you have a good network connection (wifi or a fast mobile connection).

The app shouldn’t “forget” workspaces. If you experience this problem, please report the bug so we know to prioritise it.

Deactivate offline mode

Note that pullling-to-refresh only works if offline mode is disabled. If the “Work Offline” switch is enabled (green), tap it to switch it off before you pull to refresh.

Some of my surveys are missing from the survey list screen

For performance reasons, survey list screens currently only show the first 100 surveys. This is a temporary solution while we work to improve performance.

If this causes problems for you, please report the bug so we know to prioritise it.

I can’t add a photograph from my camera/media library

The camera / media library functionality does not work on some Android devices. Symptoms are as follows:

  • Tap to add a file or photo to a survey form
  • The app asks you whether to import from your camera or media library
  • Whichever option you select, nothing seems to happen

This is due to a problem in an open source library. We don’t currently have a fix. As a workaround, please take photographs separately and upload them once you’re back from the field.

If this causes problems for you, please report the bug so we know to prioritise it.

Problems entering text: cursor jumps around / predictive text doesn’t work / numeric keyboard switches to alphabetic

This is a known issue on iOS and iPadOS devices. Text fields occasionally “reset” themselves when you are typing in them. The cursor moves to the end of the field, the keyboard reverts to alphabetic mode, and predictive text may not complete properly.

We don’t currently have a fix for this problem. The “reset” behaviour triggers following a short delay after the user’s last keypress, so typing quickly can avoid it!

If this causes problems for you, please report the bug so we know to prioritise it.

I can’t copy a survey like I can on the web site

Some Cartographer survey forms can be copied to save time re-entering similar data. This feature is available on the app, but it’s a bit difficult to find.

On the survey list screen, place your finger on a survey and swipe to the left. A “Copy” button will be revealed. Tapping this button opens a new survey form that’s prepopulated with data from the form you copied. Certain survey-specific fields will be blanked out requiring you to fill them in again, just as they are on the web site.